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Travel length a holiday returns swing exhaustion to have a way

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"11 " holiday ended, in this happiness travel gold is seasonal fall in, you perhaps go up of peak of high and steep of stone of high of hill general view grand; Perhaps embrace relaxed sea wind, those who experience the sea is vague with vast. Travel of a few days returns, while those who recalling travel is happy, you may feel lumbar acerbity backache, limb is lack of power gradually and even exhaustion of body and mind, this makes free from worry mood total have so little uncomfortable...
Eliminate exhaustion to should give the body an amortize time
How can you just remove effectively the exhaustion after travel returns? The Xie Yuxiao of vice director doctor of division of medicine of rehabilitation of Sino-Japanese and friendly hospital tells you to eliminate a few fatigue kinds of commonly used methods for this:
1. Bathe: Bathe what can eliminate body to express metabolization is fecal, make blood capillary outspread, eliminate exhaustion effectively. But after wanting to notice to return abode or activity, want to rest a little, need bath of the reentry after rhythm of the heart regains normal at ordinary times position. The temperature of water is controlled for 40 degrees, wash commonly 15, 20 minutes can, should not be too long.
2. Bleb foot heats up before sleeping: Foot of hot water bubble has the effect that recover from fatigue sleeps peacefully, water Wenkelue is a bit taller, feel with oneself " very hot " for appropriate, bubble foot makes hemal dilate, blood stream is quickened, enhance haemal circulation.
3. Massage: The manual motion of excessive causes muscle group generation lactic acid piles up, massage conduce to lactic acid absorb and be being metabolized by blood as soon as possible. The method is be held with the hand or beat crus, ham and arm, double shoulder gently with fist, make muscle gets relaxation. After moving in intensity of a day, a lot of people with Morpheus or the faineant kind that taking to serve as refection, actually this is an error.
Thank a director to emphasize, do not rest of acuteness activity the following day, must maintain before today the athletic intensity of the half, give the body an amortize period, ability removes effectively fatigue, as soon as possible refection.
Finally, thank a director to still remind female friends, want to do check-up after travel returns, basically be the holiday that check looked up him to spend a health, whether be infected to go up certain disease, a person's mind can be put to be thrown in the job later.
Additional, still have a few kinds of specific methods to removing exhaustion has effect quite, you might as well try.
Food can help your refection
1. Heat up tea: Coffeine is contained in tea, it can enhance breathing frequency and deepness, the exudation of stimulative adrenalin and achieve the goal that fights exhaustion. Coffee, chocolate also has similar action.