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Creative Hong Kong: "four two" dial "daughter" of the Enlightenment

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Cultural and creative industries of Hong Kong Special Administrative Region Government department directly "Creative Hong Kong" recently released news that last June the establishment of a 3 billion of "CSI", has approved 28 projects of creative industries, the amounts involved 5,000 million. Although the money is not amazing, but are used in the Hong Kong's most powerful cultural projects. Hong Kong Government and private financial strength of the culture industry, proven experience, and perhaps the development of cultural industries in the Mainland "Stones from other hills."

Grasp the "cultural focus" hair force

In the "Creative Hong Kong" the office was first established, Hong Kong SAR Secretary for Commerce and Economic Development, Mrs Rita Lau says that this is the government to create a "one-stop platform", so that enterprise wide contacts with the Government, which Government is aware of business needs, and to start the actual funding, support and incentives.

This reporter learned that, last June by the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region Commerce and Economic Development Bureau to form the "Creative Hong Kong" the office was formally established, is responsible for managing and promoting the development of creative industries in Hong Kong. "Creative Hong Kong" the Hong Kong office is responsible for managing "the Film Development Fund", "Design Initiative," "Film Guarantee Fund" and the total amount of 300 million Hong Kong dollars of the "CSI." These aim to finance local design and innovation programs, training professionals, to achieve products of high value-added, high intellectual property and creativity to build Hong Kong into Asia-Pacific Advanced Design Center. Among them, the "Film Development Fund", "Design Initiative" and "Film Guarantee Fund" was already owned by the Hong Kong government funds, while the scale of 3 million of the "CSI", directly outside of the above three The creative industries covered.

As we all know, the design industry and the film industry is the strength of cultural and creative industries in Hong Kong. In this regard the implementation of two special funds, "Creative Hong Kong" director Liaoyong Liang, film development fund has been for 14 film production financing, and achieved remarkable results, among them six or seven is the first time directed the project director. Film "Echoes of the Rainbow" won the fund financing, and in the sixtieth the 2010 Berlin Film Festival Crystal Bear Award and the "new generation" best film award. Newly established "CSI" also received a good response, so far funded 28 projects, such as funding the advertising industry to participate in international competitions, including the industry in Hong Kong this year, a total of 10 awards in the Cannes International Advertising Festival, and for two consecutive years assistance to participate in the animation world, held in Japan DigiCon6 Awards.

In addition, the "Creative Hong Kong" in several important after the first plans are to continue to implement this year. Amounting to 250 million dollar design Initiative in June 2004 has been launched, the program includes two major projects, namely funding, "Design Support Programme" and the establishment named "Innovation Center" one-stop service center, as a design group to focus on. Design Support Programme to fund the 4 categories of projects, namely, design research, design / business collaboration to plan, design professional continuing education courses, and to promote and recognize excellence in design. As of the end of May last year, the Design Support Programme to the amount of applications received up to 215 million Hong Kong dollars, with 251 (125.3 million dollar) has been approved. Innovation Centre is designed as a professional person, student designers and design companies to establish groups and the high concentration of value-added design, but also to provide training for the budding design services. As of the end of May 2009, the Centre has received 51 design companies as a breeding company. HK 300 million Film Development Fund for Hong Kong film industry and the healthy development of the long-term financial support for projects to assist the recovery and further development of the film industry. Development Fund funded projects and activities including the provision of limited funding in the low-cost film production; to strengthen the Mainland and overseas to promote Hong Kong films; enhanced in all aspects of film production and distribution of training measures; and to enhance the local audience on Hong Kong films interest and appreciation. As of mid-June 2009, a total of 13 film projects and 29 other film-related projects approved, the amount involved reached 78.6 million Hong Kong dollars.

According to the latest statistics, about 32,000 Hong Kong-related enterprises and creative industries, employing more than 17 million people each year over 600 million value added, accounting for 4% of GDP or so.

Shift the focus of cultural development in Hong Kong, the Mainland market

Well-known designers in Hong Kong after interview with reporters, when Alan Yip, who has successfully explore the market in the Mainland, Hong Kong designers and brand with emotion: "Hong Kong has no industry, and to explore the market, then on to the mainland." He felt very Fortunately, because Hong Kong's brand design, interior designer, although access to the Mainland have been more, but he hoped that industrial design is started by him. Yip said Hong Kong is a pure concept of industrial design industry, but over the past 30 years, moved to the mainland of Hong Kong Industries, the financial crisis has many factories in the business to a halt. "Relatively speaking, China's industrial prospects for a wider design industry, advertising, fashion, public goods, electronic products, machinery and motorcycles, bicycles all considered industries. Hong Kong's electronic products, though many, but almost all are imported, not the people of Hong Kong design. "Although Yip 20 years of major operations in Europe, the United States, Japan and South Korea and China, Hong Kong and Taiwan, but he is optimistic about the mainland the next room. In addition to encouraging our designers to the Mainland counterparts to find a job, he felt Hong Kong's animation should be more creative talent to the mainland. Hong Kong's "McDull 2" and the new version of "Astro Boy" is fire in the Mainland, the smash hit "Pleasant Goat and Big Big Wolf" there are a lot of our creative people to join the team.

In fact, Alan Yip of Hong Kong design industry and the market space to determine the grasp, it is also aware of the Hong Kong Government.

"Creative Hong Kong enterprises to provide one-stop service." Liaoyong Liang, the "one-stop" means is that financing, incubation, demonstration, marketing, training and other multiple functions. For example, in the strengths of Hong Kong's design industry, they also match the actual business and designers, launched a new product or service successful examples of the results of the projects and products in the "Creative Hong Kong" belong Innovation Center office on display. Hong Kong government also has five research and development center, put in a lot of resources together with the University of Applied Science and Technology and other institutions.

As in recent years, the state issued a "Pearl River Delta development program," Hong Kong Creative Office will directly promote "comprehensive development of Hong Kong and the PRD of the game, animation, film and design creative industries" into their own category. Liao Yongliang introduced this year, Hong Kong has held a number of cities in the Pearl River Delta Joint design development of the industry summit. In other industries, such as the CEPA 2009, the sixth in the Supplemental Agreement, the Ministry of Culture pledge online products in the case of complete application materials, research and development on the imported content of products online game review (including expert review) the work of the time limit for two months, he believes this new arrangement is very encouraged by the Hong Kong original game industry, I believe will help the industry in R & D and enter the mainland market to invest greater resources.

In addition, last year, according to Hong Kong Disneyland signed with the Government financing the new agreement, first disclosed in January this year, operating conditions, due to significant improvement in the tourism industry in Hong Kong this year, the Hong Kong Disneyland, said the recent good attendance 2009/10 financial year, people "beat" the overall tourism industry. Among them, a good interaction with the communication between the mainland market is the main reason for its steady increase in performance. According to report, Beijing Tourism Administration and Hong Kong in recent years, "visits" type of tourist routes cooperation has continued in the.

The Chinese University of Hong Kong Centre for Entrepreneurship School of Business recently released its report that the design industry in Hong Kong are not familiar with the operation of the Mainland market and the design industry, as the development of resistance north of Hong Kong designers, hoping that the two will strengthen exchanges and communication. To this end, Hong Kong Chief Executive Policy Address, Hong Kong Government will allocate one billion dollars to next year, "SME Export Marketing Fund" and "SME Development Fund," including the design industry to enhance the competitiveness of SMEs, including .

Government and the market is the two financial systems

Compared to the mainland by a government-led cultural and creative industries to guide the establishment of the Fund and the Government to intervene with the banks and other financial institutions signed a cooperation agreement for cultural and creative industries in Hong Kong, special financing, has been direct government investment and enterprise markets two lines of choice the same time.

Willy Tsao, the Hong Kong dancers to the mainland market early fortune, his "thunderous world" of modern dance break in the international market has been a mature performance of the road. "So far, we also enjoy playback of Hong Kong Home Affairs Department's financial support each year." Tsao said, the Home Office under the "Performing Arts Council," for Hong Kong nine mature perennial funding bodies, in addition to them, and Hong Kong Philharmonic Orchestra Symphony Orchestra, the Hong Kong Repertory Theatre, the Hong Kong Chinese Orchestra enjoy a subsidy. "This is the creative capital outside the Hong Kong government awards." Tsao explained that each year more than 1,200 million can get funding, and increasing year by year, the Government is simply outstanding performance for such funding groups, will not intervene in specific troupes creation and operation of the project.

"In Hong Kong, the government forces aided creativity and cultural enterprise can be more than a Hong Kong." According to him, the Hong Kong Home Affairs Department under the Leisure and Cultural Services Department is designed to support and manage the Hong Kong venues, and every year spend a lot of money into buying good repertoire.

According to him, a lot of private foundations active in Hong Kong have different funding, such as graphic design classes, music, dance classes.

"But the difference is with the Mainland market, the Hong Kong government has never funded jointly with the financial strength or financial institutions to promote cultural projects." Tsao is already half a "pass the Mainland," he explained, the Hong Kong Government is a pure public good to unilateral conduct input of funds and resources, and financial institutions to invest to support cultural industries, the market completely free choice. "This government-led promotion of the Mainland financial institutions to participate in the cultural enterprise is entirely different path." This stems from the degree of the two markets as well as their different mode of development. In his view, the Hong Kong market hatching very early date, the market is fully liberalized, the degree in which the market before the financial investment the government is relegated to behind the scenes. "But also the development of ideas around the importance and the different levels of cultural awareness." Tsao Road, for example, countries such as France, that the Government forces in the promotion of cultural development, because they feel that culture is the common property, but the U.S. government will not run for the culture a lot of money, only with taxes and other market means to highlight the cultural status.