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Hong Kong swims one day first-rate plan

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Travel to Hong Kong, might as well learn " urgent hour 2 " become dragon mediumly to take Jieshidejia to roam sweet river. Except belfry of + of bay of shallow water of + of summit + marine park this " swim surely " outside equation, in the area in harbor island, not difficult discovery has the place of breath of Hong Kong culture alone, be worth to swim.

Plum of carry on one's shoulder lives to find treasure

Want to understand Chinese culture further, plum of carry on one's shoulder can ascend the stairs to alive after Pin Ming.

Regard the world as one of 10 big shopping markets, edge path both sides is bristly store of more than 100 antique. The furniture of conventional Chinese acerbity branch, reel that hang a wall, article plays decoration have everything that one expects to find. Antique, meet at any time " find treasure " .

Annulus swims in the longest " elevator river "

Besides " find treasure " , still can swim swim " elevator river " . Lian Banshan of be linked together and in the pedestrian armrest elevator of annulus busy streets, be as long as 800 meters, it is the elevator of the longest the armrest outdoor on the world. By plum of carry on one's shoulder live talk sets out, yi benefit street, classics can arrive on dry De Daoda half a mountainous area; The downtown streets central can come along cabinet Lin street below.

Shanghai beach is custom-built the Tang Dynasty outfit

Nostalgic hind, might as well learn incidentally " urgent hour 2 " medium Jieshidejia " do sth for the occasion " the ground is put on the Tang Dynasty outfit. Be located in finish the Shanghai beach that makes a market, those who have different pattern the Tang Dynasty outfit cheongsam sells, and have custom-built service more.

Area of cate assemble Su Hao

After shopping, the Su Hao area that can reach Hong Kong enjoys dinner, the bright that experiences actor skin gens lives. Elevator of armrest of person of the round in be located in is close person red pauses street and the SoHo that Yi benefit street takes, take Li Huo of its carry on one's shoulder to with south (the meaning of South Of Hollywood Road) , collected sundry restaurant course shop, be like Harbin dish, Beijing dish, Russia dish...

After cate passes, can talk about wine to the Lan Guifang around again confabulate. This lane that shows L glyph child, connect " urgent hour 2 " many setting also film here, enough allow you and friend forgetting to return. Not ended

National tourism bureau submits to extensive preparation signs up the tourist attention that joins group of the tourism that go to harbor: