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Hong Kong shops the graph that find treasure

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Hong Kong is a fashionable Temple of God, meet with international synchronism of elegance and talent is clingy and pulsatile, artistic tide; Hong Kong also resembles is a super and luxurious shopping bazaar, 100 content completely, acclaim as the peak of perfection making a person!

Someone says, the thing of Hong Kong, china has, why to need to give or take a lot of trouble go to harbor? But, adept person knows, hong Kong is an Asia foremost defended fashionable assemble dot, international is famous brand style newest, goods the neatest, price is the most handsome, inn of door of teachers training school of storehouse of shopping bazaar, fairground, famous brand, design... each have distinctive shopping fun, more never mention it place concentration, communication is easy, be in Hong Kong, you all can enjoy shopping fun and metropolis appearance to collect! Today summer, for oneself makeup feature is new New Look, affect fashionable Temple of God modern elegant demeanour, sweet river goes!

In annulus (Hong Kong island)

Annulus is the commerce of Hong Kong and economic center in, the bank collecting abundant that catchs a building to design award for many times and design are unique in silver-colored edifice, it is here most conspicuous ground mark, inn of famous brand high-quality goods and large department store, performing the showily temperament that charm gracefuls.

Buy ground square

The ground comes 3 buildings, euramerican each country is super famous brand high-quality goods, include Gucci, Versace, Prada, LV... wait for elegant vogue to savour, or it is Versus, O.Z.O.C, D&G... wait for green brand, basement also has the new fund stuff such as the Esprit that compares in a popular style, U2.

Place: In in annulus empress highway (in annulus subway stands)

Annulus finishs in dozen of travel

The 30 time old Shanghai of fashionable edition, build give a kind already contemporary nostalgic contradiction is idiosyncratic, in the tide that heats up in a China, the temperamental and manual system of quantities, uncommon cheongsam in Shanghai beach, be full of the articles for daily use of Chinese wind, and archaize furniture. . . The passenger that likes Oriental local color nots allow to miss!

Label Plus, sell the brand includes Moschino, Byblos... be located in finish make a 304 rooms.
The annulus in Morgan locate finishs dozen of depreciation inn inside travel is long-term goods of the season on sale is new money even.
Place: Annulus finishs in dozen of street (in exit of D1 of annulus subway station)

Prince edifice

Face empress to resemble square, 1 building of subterranean arrives 4 buildings are market name tastes a street, place has some name tagvisiting card here, just mix buy ground square is complementary, the shopping heaven of the annulus in be being strung, especially the famous brand of subterranean building if: Chanel, Cartier. . . . . Wait for top brand, it is the place that gregarious name Yuan and parvenu often appear and disappear more!