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What Hong Kong small shop cleans out is happy

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Like at ordinary times everywhere the tourist that stroll about washs money, might as well these places of harbor island have a look, calm meeting makes your expenditure not much, what can experience content to exceed a value again is happy.

   ● happy peninsula " upstairs boutique "

Number: Author of photography of 
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 file name: KSize of file of 
 of Nd390bb.jpg     : 2Tall X of 
 of 5K     is wide: 1
 of   of   of 75 X 250 explains: KNd390bb.jpgHere is further from the urban district, come the much that this shops is to drive the foreigner residing harbor that come over, it is to running quickly to a few household that manage classic furniture and different region amorous feelings decorate the shop of things and come more, these shop storefront are general very big, one's style of work as well as one's moral quality is very high, some are placed the price does not calculate however too tall. Here still has kimono of management juvenile products to install the inn-keeper that wait, 21 building sets capacious dress to sell (Zhou Er comes to do business Saturday) . Dress includes products of a lot of big shop sign of the European country such as Italy, France, after choosing strictly for the manufacturer, a bit will imperfect commodity and retreat goods to be sold here, the price is quality goods only very one of left and right sideses (even if is such, old much product also is in 1000 yuan over) , be not adept personage do not look to give the difference with quality goods, content of it may be said exceeds a value.

Address: Duck monthly interest continent on the west street of flourish of industrial district benefit center of trade of labour of 2 Hai Yi

  Market of ● bare column

The one place that is located in bare column area fairground, the word that show T street, shop endures, dress, cane implement, dress of painting and calligraphy, nation, handicraft is tasted etc, full of beautiful things in eyes, the tourist that likes to get small returns for great effort can come here to ramble.

Address: Market of bare column market

  ● adds Lian Wei Taoist priest

What the eastpart part of sanded chew of needle of this be well versed in and cover honest is small street, both sides bestrews greatly small exit shop and shop of fashionable girl dress, exporting the price of kinds or types of goods that inn runs is cheap very, just need to cost some of idea to choose. Here is the earliest be with export hand-me-down wholesale division and famous, one is being endured in on this street one is the shop that factory of card of sale Europe good name returns money or the flaw tastes completely. Transition of a few inn-keeper sells a popular dress later. Allegedly actor of Hong Kong some second line or the starlet that cut a figure also are happy to choose dress to here.