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Summit of peace and tranquility

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Common of 554 meters summit of peace and tranquility calls altitude the hill that buy a division, it is the peak of Hong Kong island, also be to look down at the optimal ground of Victoria harbor scenery is nodded, visit the first focus of Hong Kong. Have each with the summit scenery of at nightfall by day different, no matter the person that you are a romance, also must arrange hill of peace and tranquility to admire night scene, admire scene first-rate place to be in the lion booth by the view scene stage of approach clouds cabinet, telpher terminal, the Hong Kong of at nightfall can let your bear in mind constantly.
Gout visits:

The top that takes hill of peace and tranquility is telpher it is to ascend a top to admire the method with best night scene, in in annulus garden is connected with below inferior li finishs alternate mouth is multiplied telpher. There is after the pull in that buy a ticket " the letter is not believed surprise by you interesting house " , showed more than 400 curious and eccentric exhibit, if time is abundant, still can arrive " use electrification movie theater " the pleasure that experiences Jing sound screams.
Know, in the summit return in telpher railroad car can stunt! Build telpher and downhill in fast arrive at wreath path terminal, it is telpher the steepest when, can stand to let oneself and railroad car floor form 30 degrees included angle, because illusive meeting lets a person feel he flew, very interesting.
Downhill hind can take bus of free double deck sightseeing to visit the urban district, the 2nd when must sit in open canopy, move back and forth in the Lou Yu that starlight sparkles, seem the setting in the film a bit. Along the road can be passed " legislative meeting " , it is one has colonial colorific building, a lot of films or harbor drama ever filmed here, dizzy the Liang Zhu of yellow light and white, very romantic.
Traffic: 1, the optimal method that heads for the summit is to take the top telpher, adult single ticket price Hongkong dollar 20 yuan, car Cheng of 8 minutes.
 2, Xiaoba of 1 line special railway line can be taken in congress hall the east.
 3, in trade square bus terminal is headed for by bus of 15 lines double deck.

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