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A kind of sweetmeats calls mango flummery

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That hotel that I stay in in Hong Kong is in 9 dragon city, open heart airport formerly around. Listen to Amandayung of Hong Kong netizen to say, that one belt is the ground that cate collects. The scene after although open heart airport allegedly,be being shut is far already not as good as in those days, but before this lively already sufficient to me.
My abode in the dim light of night all around street alley all is scene of debauchery, special flourishing, sell of all kinds to have the small shop that feed one endures simply incomputable squeeze together.
The following day early in the morning I am about to answer Beijing, there is this only in Hong Kong night, and I am taking Amandayung to be written technically for me by day that piece " Hong Kong swims one day " the card has been in in annulus, summit and pointed sand mouth are taken ramble everywhere and ate one day everywhere, what do this eat in the evening so I have to calculate computational plan attentively.
The cloud swallows a face to had eaten by day, piscine bolus does not calculate on what is fresh thing, I see one sells later burn dried meat small shop, see that proprietress is baking sundry thing on fire, fragrance waves so that let me have to go in.
She also understands my word one sentence not, understand her like me not. I can show those meat that are placed over are strung together only, state I want this, want that.
Do ripe burn dried meat string comes to what the move that bake eats or head bout sees to have a way, in the shop that takes in her to have two pieces of tables only then, eat a string this, eat a string again that, do not change a place.
Irrigate string together in the flesh there is smashed groundnut it seems that in the sauce that go up, anyway flavour first-rate.
Ate this ate that, go along the street all the time, eat along the street all the time, took blessing man later the village is being hanged on the road " the ground luxuriant house " the sweetmeats inn of the brand.
Beijing does not have sweetmeats inn, do not see on the ave at least, those a few kinds of things make me dazzling do not know what to should carry.
I was collected same a little look familiar bit " mango flummery " , carry it to just love mango all along because of me, and the netizens on my water edition are planted because of some this word is mentioned seldomly when the reason.
The sort of be called " mango flummery " the thing is filled in a small handleless cup, when eating, inn-keeper is returned irrigate went up one spoon milk, flavour must be really very beyond my expect.
I feel of Beijing any better extensive pattern eats feeding is to learned to come only appearance, flavour learned appearance however. A delicacy that buys on the street by day suckles whip, what sell than Beijing is delicious much.